Are you ready? Let’s start working! – Battle of Lepanto

  1. Antonella has created a special page for the Battle of Lepanto in Wikispaces. On this page we will post all the files that we will prepare (in whatever form they are : word, pdf, ppt, video, etc.).
  2. Register on this page. The email address is Your teachers will invite you to register on this page, but you can register on your own too.
  3. Everyone works each text in his/her own language (Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Greek) and we convert it into English so everyone will be able to read it. Then we post every file that we prepare in both languages.
  4. For the next two weeks you will study the conditions that existed in each country at the time of the Battleship. You shall present in the most comprehensive way the political situation in your country at the time, the economic, social and cultural conditions that existed and its relations with the other nations.
  5. Your work can have the format you wish. It is obvious that for this part of the research you will work with your classmates from the same school.
  6. Upon the completion of this presentation it shall be available on twinspace and Wikispaces. Then we will proceed to the study of the fact of the battleship. At this stage you will work in mixed groups which shall include students from all four countries.
  7. Get to know each other. For this purpose we created a special page on facebook where you can communicate easily . The name of this page is Battle Lepanto. Log in as soon as possible. So you can collaborate easier with the people in your group.