Battle of Lepanto

Short description

In this project we will study the Battle of Lepanto. We will investigate the historical fact from a historical, literary and artistic point of view and we will try to get to know better the nations that participated in this battle by studying elements of their culture.


The purpose of this project is for our pupils to study in depth a very important event in the history of their country. Therefore they are called to work as historians. For this purpose they need to use and critically synthesize the material of historical sources in order to better illuminate the causes of the battle, the motives of those who participated, the aspirations of its protagonists, and finally the historical and social consequences of the battle.
The historic event will provide an opportunity for students both to know and learn works of art (paintings, tapestries, and others), whose artists were inspired by the Battle of Lepanto. There are many representations of the fact both in art and literature, while the battle inspired great poets and writers.

Another purpose of this program is to improve students’ skills in handling the English language which will be used as the language of research and communication.

Additionally, students will become familiar with the use of ICT and multimedia tools which are available on the internet.

Work process

Initially pupils, after being introduced into the TwinSpace by their teachers, they get to know each other through a short presentation. They will be divided into working groups according to their preferences of study and work, (historic survey, art, literature, etc…), so that each group will be composed by Greek, Italian, Spanish and other European students, as long as other schools are added to our project.

Students will investigate the incident from a historical perspective (causes, motives, strategy, battle armor and ships, protagonists, the importance of the event for the nations involved, the impact on the European history).

Then the students will deal with the impact that the event had on people of letters. We will study texts (prose and poetry) which mention the Battle of Lepanto.

Followed by a study of works of art (painting, sculpture, architecture) inspired by this historic event, pupils will be invited to create their own works: text, videos, projects, presentations etc. of the Battle of Lepanto.

The total duration of the program will be two years with deadline October 7, 2015 (which is also the anniversary of the battle). The aim is a public presentation of the students’ work during the commemoration of the event, which is held every year in the city of Nafpaktos (Lepanto).

Expected results

Students will learn more about an event that was decisive for the course of European history and is also a part of the national history of all schools participating in this project.

Students of each country will be given the opportunity to meet the culture of other countries in a funny and exciting way by using new technologies and improving their skills on the ITC.