Project timeline – Battle of Lepanto

How the idea of the project was born

I live and work as a professor in Nafpaktos, a small town in western Greece , known to Europeans by the name of Lepanto. The Battle of Lepanto occurred here443 years ago . Every October in my town events are organized to celebrate the fact , they become more impressive and attract more visitors year after year . Thus was born the idea of this twin project. It is nice for my students to study this historic event with students and teachers from the countries which participated in the Battle and , if possible , to meet all here , in this city at the end of the project .

Searching for Partners

On 19th and 20th December I posted a small informational message in the forum of eTwinning, translated into three languages (Italian, Spanish and English). I explained the basic idea of the project and asked for partners. I repeated the post on 23rd and 25th of December and finally I had the first response from Turkey. The first partner was found. Called Sureyya Cetin. It seemed a very interesting reference her origin from the Balkans.

25th and 26th December

I personally sent messages to teachers in Spain, Italy and Malta, which I chose on the basis of their profile in eTwinning. Looking at the profile of teachers chosen from Italy, I saw a post on the calendar Antonella Perotta. She was seeking new partner. I wrote a comment in her diary and in a few days I had the answer.

28th December

Antonella’s response was enthusiastic. She had even done a little research and had discovered that soldiers from the area where she lives, in Molise, had taken part in the Battle of Lepanto. Antonella asked me to co-organize the project. I replied positively and so she was the co-founder of the project.

8th January

There was a reply from Spain. JOSE MIGUEL PEREZ PLANAS from Granada had done a little research on the Battle of Lepanto, and he informed me that the involvement of Spain in this battle caused among others, the Turkish pirate raids on the coasts of Spain. This was our third partner.