Turkey in the project for the Battle of Lepanto: A great challenge – Battle of Lepanto

It is true that when the idea of the project was born, I did not count the participation of Turkey. It would have been a collaboration among the countries which won in the battleship of Lepanto. Sureyya’s proposal to collaborate, came unexpectedly, and made me change my mind and reconsider the original idea of the project. I thought that the purpose of this project is not to come up with the triumphs filled with arrogance and complacency for the victory of the Europeans towards the Turks. I even thought that nationalism does not fit in the study of history. The study of history, if it is done calmly and unprejudiced leads to a better knowledge of ourselves, it even gives valuable lessons for the present and the future. Finally a genuine approach helps people. The participation of the Turks therefore would be a great challenge – especially for Greek students – to realize that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. And yet that this project could be the opportunity to get to know our neighbors better, their ideas, their culture, their contribution to history.